What do you mean by "CAA approved"?

Drones can be a lot of fun, but what a lot of people might not realise is that flying them is strictly regulated. The Drone Code covers what you can and cannot do when flying recreationally, but flying a drone commercially is more complex and requires what is known as a Permission to Fly Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority. Flying commercially without one is a criminal offence.

My PfCO gives you peace of mind, knowing that I have the knowledge and experience to operate safely. If you are engaging somebody to operate drones for you, you should always check that they have a current PfCO. You can find the full list of holders here. Mine is #9745.

   Can you process or edit the photographs and videos for us?

Yes, absolutely. I am happy to provide a high-quality (up to 4K) edited video to meet your brief, including titles and a soundtrack if required. When taking still photographs I prefer to shoot in RAW format as this gives higher quality pictures, but they do require some processing which I consider to be part and parcel of taking the photographs for you.

   What areas do you cover?

I'm based in the west of Scotland, near to Glasgow. But this is a beautiful country and I'm always happy to see more of it.

   So, can you fly anywhere?

No. My PfCO reduces some of the restrictions around where and when I can fly drones, but there are still some circumstances in which it simply wouldn't be safe. Every job is different but they all start with a free site survey and risk assessment, so get in touch and we can start to look at how best to achieve what you have in mind.

   What about the weather?

Obviously, for the best quality pictures the less wind the steadier the camera, but I can fly in winds up to 24mph. For rain there isn't a lower limit; with all of their electrical components, drones cannot be flown if it is raining.

And, this is Scotland... so what if the weather is bad on the day?

I keep a close eye on weather forecasts from a number of sources in the run up to flights and will let you know with as much notice as possible if it looks like there will be a problem. And if we do need to postpone because of the weather we'll reschedule for another day at no extra cost to you.

   Do you have insurance?

I do. Actually, it's a requirement of flying with a PfCO (another reason to always use approved drone operators). All of my flights are covered by £1,000,000 public liability insurance, but if the risk assessment suggests more is needed, or if you ask for more, then it will be arranged prior to the flight.